Local Initiatives Benefit Everyone:

State of Florida benefits include:
• More disposable income for Floridians to spend in Florida rather than with out of
state alternative service providers
• Less need for already-strapped human services dollars

Community benefits include: 
• Decreased crime rate since residents no longer keep cash at home
• More opportunities for asset building service providers to improve their clients’ financial stability
• Overall community economic vitality since citizens are more economically stable

Financial Institution benefits include:
• Access to the untapped market of the un- and under-banked

Individual Floridian benefits include:
• More disposable income, protected income, and increased wealth-building

Managing Your Money

Would you like to attend a free Financial
Literacy Class?

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Would you like to learn more about Secured Credit Cards and where you can obtain one?
Would you like to learn more about Second Chance Bank Accounts and who may offer them?
Would you like to learn more about Stored Value Cards and who may offer them? 

Top Reasons to Open an Account at a Bank or Credit Union:

• No or low minimum opening balances and monthly balances
• No or low maintenance fees
• Direct deposit of paychecks or monthly benefit checks
• Free ATM/debit cards – quick access to your money
• Online banking
• Money management education
• A Second Chance Program if you have a troubled banking past
• Safety from natural disaster and theft
• Your money is Federally insured so you know it will always be there
• It saves you money!